Welcome to Wakefield Earth Day Market | Welcome to Wakefield Earth Day Market
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Earth Weekend in Les Collines

Thursday April 20:  Environmental Panel in Chelsea
Saturday April 22: Wakefield Earth Day Green Market and Environmental Fair

Again Wakefield opens its doors for a celebration of spring and the natural environment so important to our community. A program of family fun events, activities and informative exhibits will attract a wide audience, and we hope you’ll consider joining us as a vendor/exhibitor.

About the market

Now in its third year, the Wakefield Earth Day Market is the harbinger of spring! And this year it’s bigger and better, because we’ve expanded the space available for vendors, aiming to turn the Market into a full-fledged Environmental Fair. We’ll be using both the front lawn/campus of the WCC and the Gwen Shea Hall for exhibits, so we expect to be able to accommodate about 60 vendors/exhibitors.


This year we are especially welcoming community and non-profit groups interested in sharing their “Green Ideas” to exhibit. And we’ll try to provide any interested exhibitor with speaking time and space indoors. We’ll provide full AV facilities for presentations. Please indicate your interest in speaking on the application form and we’ll assign you a time so that you can spread the word.


The Market provides a great opportunity to sell local farm products as well as goods and services which meet the “green” standard. For customers, it provides a family-friendly spring outing complete with market stalls, food, activities and games for kids and much more.


When: Saturday, April 22, 2017
Vendor set up time:9 am
Market hours: 10–5pm
Location: Wakefield Community Centre, 38 chemin Valley, Wakefield QC
Vendor fees:
$25 community group/ non-profit
$35 craft vendor
$40 food vendor
A maximum of 60 spaces will be available, indoor and out.

Information for Vendors

The market features local craftspeople, artists, green builders, agricultural suppliers and food vendors.

Our Vendors

The market hosts a variety of vendors-food vendors selling food to eat on the spot, farmers and food/drink vendors selling products to take home, businesses offering green products and services, as well as artists, craftspeople, and community organizations.

  • The focus is on local!
  • The most successful vendors are those who have lower price point items, who do a great job of lighting and decorating their stalls, and who channel their inner extrovert to engage people and sell their goods and services.
  • Preference is given to Gatineau Hills-based vendors selling handmade products.
  • We may have to limit the number of each type of vendor in order to provide visitors with variety and interest.
  • Food and drink vendors must have their MAPAQ papers. We will not accept any food/drink vendors who do not have their papers.

Our Organizers

The market is 100% volunteer-organized and operated. Vendor fees are used to pay for venue rental, sound equipment, electricity, signage and advertising.

Indoor and Outdoor Locations

You may also indicate your preference on this point on the application form. But since we expect over 60 exhibitors, we must reserve the right to assign space without consultation. While weather in April is always a wild card, we’ve held the outdoor market successfully in previous years. Both indoor and outdoor spaces will be well advertised, and we’ll provide lots of attractions (music, food, fun) to bring the crowds.
We will require any “outdoor” vendors to supply their own tents, tables and chairs.


Submit the form by March 31!

Program – Earth Weekend in the Hills

Jour de la terre (Earth Day) in Les Collines will be celebrated with 3 special events you won’t want to miss!

Thursday April 20 in Chelsea:

  • Town Hal
    Let’s Talk about the Future: Sustainability in les Collines
    Julie Gelfand, the Federal Environment Commissioner, along with our MP Will Amos, will lead a public dialogue on the challenges of environmental sustainability in the Gatineau Hills.
    Sponsored by ACRE
  • Mill Road Community Centre at 7:30
  • Admission Free – all are welcome(English)

Saturday April 22 in Wakefield

Wakefield’s unique blend of Earth Day Market–family fun, local craft and food vendors–will be enhanced by a new Environmental Fair, featuring informational exhibitors who will educate and inspire.
Wakefield La Pêche Centre 10-6

Loads of attractions, including:
  • Builders’ Circle: Ask questions, meet local builders, and eavesdrop while builders discuss their green projects.
  • Visit a tiny house
  • Do-it! A special exhibit focussing on ways individuals can contribute, including composting, recycling, repairing…
  • Free bike repair
  • Rickshaw rides
  • Tree-climbing for kids
  • A view of the new Wakefield Waterfront Park
  • The Wakefield Spring Revitalization unveiled
  • Poetry and song for Spring
  • “Back to the land” singalong
  • Strolling minstrels

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
How to apply?
  • Submit the form soon, at least by March 31
  • Send your payment via Interac transfer, cash or cheque to the address on the form. If you are a food/drink vendor, please mail or email your MAPAQ papers to Wakefieldjourdelaterre@gmail.com.
  • Your application is not complete until we have received payment. You will be notified on or before April 7 of your standing.
  • Late applications will be accepted only until our vendor spaces are full.
  • Payment in full will be returned to unsuccessful applicants.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any applicant.
  • Once accepted into the market, refunds will not be provided to vendors who cancel.

You are responsible for creating a professional stall. Interior lighting is recommended-plan for twice the amount you think you need.

On market day you will be greeted by a member of the market organizing team. We will direct you to your stall. You may park your vehicle next to your stall for 10 minutes to unload your gear-after that time we need you to move your car so it doesn’t block others or create gridlock. We will direct you to the vendor parking lot. All vendors must park in this lot-other spaces are needed for market customers.

Vendors are responsible for their own clean-up when the market closes at 5pm. All vendors are expected to stay until 5pm.


The show goes on rain or shine (or cold, or snow.) Dress for the cold (layers, warm socks, “hot shots” for your mittens and boots, protect yourself (and your wares) from the wind, cold, and snow with a tent (with walls), come with a sense of humour, and all will be well.

Space and Supplies

What the market provides:

  • 10×10′ space outdoors and 8′ x 6′ indoors.
  • One electrical outlet within 50′ of your market stall
  • Website and social media advertising of your business

What you provide:

  • Market tent
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Stall lighting is optional, but if you wish to use lighting, you must use LED interior stall lighting
  • 50′ of extension cord and any power bars or splitters you may need
    Cardboard to stand on (helps to keep feet warm if the weather is very cold)
    Shovels, buckets, hammers, and any other tools and supplies you need to set up your stall.
  • The market cannot allow vendors to plug in space heaters or incandescent lights. We reserve the right to unplug any such devices.

Organic Facts


Contact Us

Got more questions? Contact Us and we will response ASAP. Thanks!

Email Us: wakefieldjourdelaterre@gmail.com

Event Coordinator / Coordinateur d’évenements
Jour de la terre Wakefield-La Pêche Earth Day, April 22, 2017
Chambre Wakefield-La Pêche Chamber
38 Chemin de la Vallée de Wakefield
Wakefield, Quebec J0X 3G0

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Submit the form by March 31!